About Us
Kwan Star Co., Ltd. was established in 1992 and has been sustainably focusing on the medicine, biotech and health care fields for more than 30 years. We are one of the few professional international marketing companies in Taiwan and even in Asia and we firmly believe that our business philosophy - Honesty, Reciprocity, Fairness, Service and Innovation are the base principles to stand in the world market.

From the frequent international business activities in recent years, we are deeply aware of the growing demand for food due to the impacts of climate change and population growth. Traditional agricultural planting methods have been unable to cope with extreme climatic environments and meet people's requirements for the quantity and quality of crops. Therefore, we have established an agricultural division in the second quarter of 2022 with a consistently prudent and rigorous attitude to expand our production line from medical and health services to agricultural planting solutions.
We carefully develop a variety of liquid fertilizers suitable for different growth stages of diverse crops and fruit trees and we are also actively developing pesticide-free control materials to combat prests and diseases, hoping to ontribute to the improvement of Taiwan's agriculture.



The global pandemic that started from 2020 has aroused people's urgent need for health. Furthermore, the severe drought caused crop failure and a sharp rise in food prices, which had a serious impact on people's life in Taiwan in 2021. In view of this, the vision of our efforts is to improve the crop yield and quality through liquid fertilizers and refined application via scientific methods, and reduce the use of pesticides to produce high-quality crops, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable and common prosperity for nature, farmers and consumers.


Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone and extreme weather has become the norm such as frequent typhoons, excessively high temperature in summer and lack of water in dry seasons, all of which make crops prone to diseases and insect pests and are not conducive to the cultivation of crops in Taiwan. Accordingly, we think through the overall planting solution to establish a new agricultural model with high yield, high quality, high safety, low disease and low energy consumption.

The following are the solutions we expect to build:
1. Precise fertilizer delivery, reduce unnecessary fertilization and reduce


2. Slow-release fertilizer, reducing labor input.

3. Soil beneficial bacteria release various inherent elements, improve soil utilization and reduce fertilizer use.

4. Reasonable planting management SOP to improve crop quality and reduce farming costs.

5. Improve crop resistance to adversity through breed improvement and application of trace element from the fertilizer.

6. Use non-pesticide pest control to reduce the impact of pesticides on human health.

7. Intelligent induction and automation in the field to reduce the need for manpower.

8. Assist in the domestic and foreign marketing of products makes the production and sales get matched perfectly.


We fully understand users’ needs to launch customized products through discussions and communication, and develop suitable liquid fertilizer products for different climates, soils and crops so as to improve crop quality and productivity. We will also strictly screen and introduce excellent agricultural domestic and foreign materials to meet the needs of various customers with a complete product line; moreover, we provide export services for overseas customers. In the future, Kwanstar will integrate materials, planting experience, automation equipment, and production and sales supply chain platforms to move towards intelligent agriculture.


Giving Back

Agriculture is an industry that is very dependent on the climate and environment. After farmers have been working hard for a long time, due to the impact of various extreme climates, crops are often severely damaged or even no harvest, which directly affects the livelihood of farmers. Our products have excellent results in increasing crop yields and combating the impact of extreme climates; however, the current available liquid fertilizer products are often expensive, making farmers discouraged; we consider farmers' demand for quality and price, in order to allow most farmers can use our developed products to improve the yield and quality of crops. We decided to adopt an online sales model, which will be delivered directly from the factory to farmers, saving the cost of retailers and dealers to give back to farmers with preferential prices. Through our efforts, we look forward to contributing more to Taiwan's agriculture.