Raw Material:
Xanthate, Nucleotide, Betaine, Citric acid, LigninPotassium nitrate, Calcium gluconate, Water-soluble boron, Sodium molybdate, Vitamin B1, B12

Active ingredients
Total nitrogen 1.5%
Water-soluble potassium oxide 1.5%
Water-soluble calcium oxide 3.0%
Water-soluble boron 0.25%
Water-soluble molybdenum 0.01%

R&D Principle (Feature)
1. Vitamin B complex is a natural stimulant that stimulates the roots, so that root hairs will continue to grow and new leaves will continue to germinate.
2. Nitrogen, calcium, boron and molybdenum can stimulate the germination of new leaves and promote new leaf expanding and greening.
3. Nucleotides and betaine can activate the cell wall of new leaves and slow down aging.
4. Appropriate amount of potassium and lignin (natural products of plants) can make the epidermis of plant stems and the vascular bundles that carry water quickly thicken.
5. Glucose (a product of photosynthesis) can moderate a climate or environment with insufficient sunlight.
6. Xanthic acid can make all elements easily attached to the soil and not easy to run off.

Applicable Crops
Vegetables, Solanaceae, Poaceae, etc.

1. The new leaves are proliferating, and the leaves are rapidly
expanding and greening.
2. The stem is short and strong and not easy to grow too high.

Method of Use
1. Seedling stage: dilute 1000 times for spraying leaves and root watering at the same time. The frequency of use depends on the growth of the plant.
2. After planting (about 5~7 days): dilute 1000 times for root watering . Use 1~2 times and then entering the growth stage. Change to Full Energy 110 (Solanaceae/ Poaceae) or strong fruit and Go Growing 202 (Vegetable).