Raw Material
Calcium gluconate, Magnesium Sulfate, Water-soluble Boron, Cyclic guanylic acid,
Sodium molybdate, Manganese EDTA, Copper sulfate, Zinc EDTA, Cobalt sulfate,

Iron EDTA, Lignin

Active ingredients
Water-soluble Iron 3.0 %
Water-soluble calcium oxide 1.5 %
Water-soluble magnesium oxide 3.0 %
Water-soluble manganese 3.0 %
Water-soluble boron 0.5 %
Water-soluble molybdenum 0.09 %
Water-soluble cobalt 0.04%
Total Copper 0.7%

Total Zinc 0.7 %

R&D Principle (Feature)
1. High manganese, magnesium and iron can provide the necessary nutrients for fruit anthocyanin and chlorophyll synthesis
2. Aappropriate amount of boron can help the plant absorb nutrients.
3. Appropriate amount of calcium and molybdenum can supply nutrients for fruits to prevent fruits cracking.
4. Appropriate amount of cobalt can inhibit the absorption of nitrogen, so that other nutrients can transport to the fruit to ensure the nutritional needs

Applicable Crops
Fruit trees (after middle fruit stage)

1. At second fruit expansion period prevent fruits cracking and fruits drop.

2. Enhance the fruit coloration include the pedicel.

Method of Use
After middle fruit stage: diluted 2000 times (not less than 1500 times) for spraying leaves; use every 10 to 15 days until harvest.