Raw Material
Calcium gluconate, Lignin, Water-soluble Boron, Cyclic guanylic acid, Phosphorous acid, Betaine, Xanthate, Sodium molybdate, Potassium silicate, Potassium nitrate,
Magnesium nitrate, Zinc EDTA, Vitamin B1, B12, Sodium Erythorbate (Antioxidant)

Active ingredients
Water-soluble silicon dioxide 0.5 %
Total nitrogen 3.0 %
Water-soluble phosphoric anhydride 2.5 %
Water-soluble potassium oxide 4.5 %
Water-soluble calcium oxide 5.5 %
Water-soluble magnesium oxide 1.0 %
Water-soluble boron 0.5 %
Water-soluble molybdenum 0.005 %

Total Zinc 0.1 %

R&D Principle (Feature)
1. Appropriate amount of silicon and sugar can make the water retaining capacity better
2. High potassium, high calcium and xanthic acid can help regulate plant stomata
3. Appropriate amount of phosphorus, zinc and B complex can induce new roots and continuously activate the aging roots.
4. Appropriate amount of magnesium, boron and molybdenum can promote nutrient absorption and make flower buds continue to differentiation.
5. Appropriate amount of nucleotides can slow the plants senescence.
6. Appropriate amount of betaine can help regulates the cell wall and prevents dehydration.
7. Weak acidity fertilizer can help plants absorb fertilizer smoothly in hot weather (plants do not absorb neutral fertilizer or weak alkaline fertilizer in summer)
8. Glucose can regulates the cell osmosis

Applicable Crops
All crops (effective in summer)

1. Increase drought tolerance

2. Significant increase in production.

Method of Use
Growth stage in hot weather (vegetables): diluted 1000 times; use 5 to 7 days until harvest.