We truly believe in WIN-WIN PRINCIPLE !

We are a leading multilateral trading agent specializing in the health care sector and provide a global commercialization platform. On top of selling products, we provide a safe and comfortable distribution system which is equipped with abundant experience in foreign markets, sophisticated knowledge of foreign registration, and market network established over 20 years.

This in turn supports you with an increasing number of channels and a rapid penetration in multinational markets. Moreover, we offer the benefit of an accelerated process of commercialization. In essence, we have a business model which incorporates the concept of multilateral interchange that will allow for optimization of resource distribution, taking advantage of a better liquidity and time saving. Our motivation is to meet the satisfaction of our clients by offering valuable service to ultimately reach the goal of a win-win situation.

Kwan Star represents PIC/S factories in Taiwan.
Taiwan has already become a member of PIC/S association since 2013/01/01. We are now co-operating with several manufacturers which have PIC/S qualifications and planning to promote their products to different countries in Asia and Europe. Moreover, we are constantly searching for potential suppliers which are actively and able to produce products with high market potentials. In near future, Kwan Star Company will cooperate with more partners and expand the business worldwide.