Blu Series
BluGel is harmless for granulation tissue and can be washed easily.
BluRibbon can easily be inserted into the wound cavity with gentle touch towound bed and allows easy and painless removal with no residue left in wound cavity.
BluMembrane is breathable dressing and allows easy and painless removal with no residue left.

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  Scar Treatment
Clenascar Gel-For smoothen, soften and brighten skin.
Clenascar Post Acne Gel-Reduces acne scars and dark spots, prevent the recurrence of acne.
Clenascar SMR Gel-Improve and eliminate the appearance of stretch marks.
Clenascar C Gel-For management and prevention of
hypertrophic and keloid scars.

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  Curmin Lift (anti-aging)
Anti-aging cream that effectively lifts and reduces wrinkles with innovative technology. With natural blend of Sericin Extract from mulberry silkworm to smoothen your skin, Curmin LIFT also contains nano-particles of antioxidant-THC and Vitamin E Liposome to prevent pre-mature skin aging together with Hyaluronate and Creamide to retain and regain a youthful look.
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  Herb Hutraceutical
Brahmi is extensively used in traditional Ayurvedic
medicine as a nervine tonic.
Natureplex an All-Natural, It has been scientifically proven herbal extract as an immune enhancer.
Phytoplex is an herbal folklore remedy which has been used to treat patients with mammary tumors.

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  LIOVITAL mirtillo
LIOVITAL mirtillo is original from Italy, it is liquid of Vaccinium Myrtillus Berry extract, easy to swallow, suitable for everyone, 1 vial per day, better to have it for those who are intense in reading, using computer, watching TV, using portable electronic devices. To benefit the healthy.
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Callus Removal Foot Pack
Callus Removal Foot Pack is the gentle solution to remove callus. Formulated with several natural fruit acids, it can penetrate into the dead skin cells and separate the dead skin from the healthy skin to reveal smooth feet.
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Clinically Proven Flattens / Softens and Fades Scars / Washable and Reusable
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Feminine Intimate Care
Female intimate skin is very fragile, and it is highly recommended to apply mild acidic cleansing and maintenance care to attend intimate skin.
Moisturizing, tender firming, anti-aging, skin purification and balancing, forming a natural barrier to effective skin protection; daily use, gently care your skin and maintain health with a better and preventive manner.

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